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My fave beauty buys

Today I have decided to share with everyone my favorite beauty product buys…. I usually dont wear makeup unless its mascara and eye liner, so I dont have blush ,m foundation, and concealer on here because I dont use them day to day. I prefer to still look like myself, because I am a firm believer that make-up is used to enhance, not cover and remake….

1) My favorite facial wash is Aveeno facial scrub. It gets rid of any dry skin that I have trouble with during the summer and it gives me a fresh clean feeling without drying my face out. 

2) My favorite moisturizer is Olay Complete with UV Defense.Its good because I dont need a separate sunscreen it is actually built into the moisturizer. It leaves my skin feeling smooth and healthy.

3) My favorite mascara is Great Last Mascara by Maybelline. It is great and isnt clumpy on the lashes at all. It makes them look fuller and locker, but not too dramatic….

4) My favorite hair conditioner is Aussie’s 3Minute Miracle. I use it twice a week for my curly hair and my hair always feels soft and bouncy after using it. It’s technicaly a deep conditoner, but sometimes I use it everyday. Plus its only about 3 dollars and smells FRUITY AND GREAT! :)

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